Rathi Industries are the principle Supplier of Industrial fabrics from both natural & man made fibers.

Our Associate firms :

M/S Fil-Fab Industries
M/S Ind Tex Corporation

are engaged in this specific field of manufacturing filter medias (air dust collectors, filter cloths & filter pads), water proof tarpaulins & sheetings to certified reflective cloths & tapes from the 80's and have established themselves as the pioneer and leading manufacture in India. our product are widely used in key industries of our country.
  In consultation with very many machinery plants and industrial houses,we have developed suitable filter fabrics for most filtering process.  
Highly sophisticated looms & process houses produce them. The fabrics are mechanically and chemically durable and give excellent filtration results. We supply the fabric sewn according to customer requirement or by the meters.  
Our range of products starts from natural fibers like cotton, wool, wood pulp to synthetic fibers of nylon, polyester, polypropylene in various counts and weaves for application oriented products to suit the requirement of the industry.